Benchtop Coil Winder

EBD Benchtop Coil Winder
Key Features
  • Winds loose (variable or fixed pitch) coils on a spinning mandrel. 
  • Right chuck position can be adjusted to get variable mandrel lengths. 
  • Mandrel length is part of the recipe setting and travel is limited accordingly. 
  • Up to 25 process recipes can be stored with up to 20 steps each 
  • Displays of parameter set points and actual values. 
  • Filament slack control that maintains tension at all wind speeds. 
  • Brushless servo drives on the traverse and both ends of the mandrel (no back shaft). 
  • Alphanumeric color touchscreen display for program entry and status displays. 
  • Enclosed winding area with safety light curtains 
  • DIN 80 and UFW filament Spool size capable 
  • Optional Chucks: .125” & .250” diameter 3 Jaw, ER11 Collet 
  • Spool SIze: DIN 100 Maximum 
  • Input Power: 120 VAC, single phase with ground, 50/60 Hz. 
  • Weight: 140 pounds. 
  • Dimensions: 16” wide X 60” long X 20” tall. 
  • Mandrel Size: .25” diameter Max 
  • Mandrel Stretch: Accommodates up to 1” Max 
  • Travel: Adjustable zero to 25” (50.8 cm) with suitable winding accessories – (Standard) 
  • Filament Size: .001” to .015” round solid or tube, or ribbon, metal or plastic 
  • Wind Speed: Up to 50 RPS and 3.9 in/sec Traverse Speed 
  • Filament Tension: Adjustable ranges from 5g to 75g max 
  • Mandrel Tension: Manual Lever Actuated, Screw Adjust 
  • Mandrel Length: Adjustable from 15 to 66 centimeters (6” to 26”) 
  • Compliance: Built to CE and NFPA 79 standards