Our Story

MMT was built to reimagine what medical device manufacturing can be.

We’ve brought together industry leaders in precision technology and process strategy to create a team at the leading edge of automation, with unprecedented integration. Our logo – the mobiüs strip – represents our vision to bring efficiency and ingenuity to everything we do.

Our companies have machines deployed in virtually every med-tech company in the world, giving us unmatched applications expertise. Our proven history and unrivaled install base, along with our vertically integrated approach, allow us to consistently deliver unparalleled quality, precision, and reliability, while increasing yield and throughput.


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Our Commitments to Our Community

No business exists independent of its community and environment. On the contrary, we at MMT recognize our responsibility to society as a whole. We seek to embrace and honor differences within our sphere of influence and minimize any negative impact on the environment. In this way, we aspire to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the relentless pursuit of excellence today.