Precision Equipment for Medical Device Applications

At MMT, we focus on developing equipment and applications that drive consistent manufacturing-specific outcomes applied to a broad range of products.

Explore a world of possibilities with our comprehensive range of manufacturing solutions tailored for intricate medical devices. Whether you’re in the business of crafting guiding catheters, balloon catheters, stent delivery systems, guidewires, needles, or other complex medical devices we’ve got the expertise and resources to meet your exacting needs.

Benefit from our vertically integrated brands, each specializing in specific applications and armed with cutting-edge technology. From concept to completion, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality results for our valued customers.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project is executed to perfection, meeting the highest industry standards.

TF-9DHD Infeed/Throughfeed Centerless Grinder

The TF-9DHD Infeed/Throughfeed Centerless Grinder uses computer controls to grind both hard and soft materials including catheters, medical guidewires, and spinal cord stimulators. Inside the compact footprint is a 15HP main spindle motor powering an 8.625” wide work wheel combining to remove more material faster, and with better surface finishes, than similar machines with narrower grinding wheels. The TF-9DHD is designed to enhance productivity through a simple control interface and automation integration.

CAM.2 Micro Grinder

The CAM.2 Micro Grinder can produce flats, radiuses, needle points, and non-linear shapes; the perfect machine to grind complex medical guidewires, dental parts, and small precision parts for various industries. Combining the latest in multi-axis servo motor control, submicron positioning, and an intuitive 15″ HMI, the CAM.2 offers unmatched performance. With the CAM.2’s full-fledged G-code underpinnings, direct integration with CAD/CAM packages is seamless. Previously unproduceable parts can be made easily, with minimal setup time, and with limited operator training.

GT-610 Centerless Grinders

The Glebar modular GT-610 Series of precision Infeed/Thru-feed Centerless Grinders remove more material faster, and with better surface finishes than competing machines. Applications for machines within this series include aerospace fasteners, automotive transmission components, engine parts, and valve stems, PCD drill bits, arthroscopic bone shavers, bone drill blanks, medical device components, and more.

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