Diamond Point


Converted OD grinders with custom tooling and soft grinding wheels all of which wear at a high rate. Setup and changeover time is significant and requires extensive mechanical adjustments. Parts, in most cases, must be taped for handling requiring additional steps in the production process. Primary cut leaves a large ID burr which must be removed in a secondary process step such as grit blasting or electro-polishing. Complex needle points, i.e. Menghini points, require separate primary bevel cut and secondary sharpening, leading to long cycle times. Develop a solution that delivers a process eliminating taping, pre and post processing, allows for quick set-up and changeover, and is capable of handling all variety of points used in the industry.


An adjunct to the Tridex SG-1645 and SG-2060 electrochemical grinders offering very fast set-up and change-over times. Fully programmable pointing and material handling system for medical device points on tube or solid wire using the ECG process. Servo-controlled design for high precision rotation and repeatability. All Stainless steel design is robust and durable.

For more types of Cannula Points that the PGS-100 can grind, refer to the Tridex Needle Point Styles Chart.

Capable of producing any number of facets including Tri-bevel, back bevel, trocar, diamond point, stylet, Franseen, custom points and Menghini (sharpened bevel) points.

Part set up is programmable requiring no mechanical adjustments making changeovers between diameters and tip geometry easier and faster.

Simple tooling for loading and unloading allows any trained operator to run multiple machines at once.

Eliminates the need for grit blasting or taping producing shorter cycle times.

Capable of handling 4” (100mm) width of workpieces.

The Tridex grinder is also capable of secondary operations such as burr free cross slot grinding and notch cuts for biopsy needles.