Manual machine grinding steel tubes for the medical industry replaced with a CE Certified micro grinder | TF-9DHD


Numerous manufacturers around the world find themselves with legacy equipment incapable of meeting the changing environmental and safety standards recommended by regulatory standards. The customer in this case was operating an outdated grinding system lacking mist control with minimal safety features.

Maintain CE safety and environmental standards without hampering the functionality of the machine. Thrufeed grind 0.003”- 0.006” of material from steel tubes with a tolerance of +/- 0.0002 and achieving a superior surface finish. Lastly, the customer required the ability to connect the machine to the intranet for data gathering, monitoring and remote diagnostics.


TF-9DHD Infeed/Thrufeed Micro Grinder

The TF-9DHD Infeed/Thrufeed Micro Grinder‘s independent slides are programmable through the touchscreen HMI allowing for easier set up and precision grinding. Interlocked CE certified enclosure latches ensures operator safety. Mist collection system provides a clean work environment. The control system includes MT Connect enabling real time data gathering, monitoring and remote diagnostics. 

Glebar stays abreast of the annual changes in CE Requirements as 35% of the business is exported outside of the US.

A 3rd party agency tests the equipment verifying it is CE compliant to the latest regulations.

Remote connectivity simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, provides current software updates, and enables data management of critical quality and productivity data