Catheter Cost Solutions

This month we’re serving up options. Options for how to keep YOUR projects moving forward in this atypical business climate. Because CATHTIP is fully-integrated we can offer you solutions to move ahead even if capital expenditures are taking longer than you’d like or even temporarily on hold. The following video will explain:

Helping you get products to market when capital spending is frozen.

CATHTIP’s fully-integrated catheter operations

Capital expenditures on hold? Need to get your project rolling on limited funds? We can amortize tooling cost over piece price to eliminate Cap-Ex and start supplying parts now so that when budgetary restrictions loosen up, your project is on track.

CATHTIP is able to help get your project to market. Our engineers can get your process developed and have dies and tooling designed and crafted. Then technicians can begin producing your catheters in our certified ISO 13485-2016 Class 7 clean room, fully equipped with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our process development teams ensure smooth transition from prototype to production. You can amortize die and tooling costs into a per piece price over a period of months. Production can continue until you are ready to bring manufacturing in-house, whereupon CATHTIP can serve as a certified secondary facility.

CATHTIP Clean Room Manufacturing Benefits:
  • High or low volume production accommodations
  • Rapid response to changing capacity needs & evolving specifications
  • On-site process engineers
  • On-site machine maintenance, calibration & acquisition
  • On-site tooling design, drafting & fabrication
  • Reliable U.S.-based facility
  • Superior medical device component manufacturing & assembly
  • Primary or secondary manufacturing source option
  • Product testing according to specifications.
  • Detailed inspection of finished products
  • Packaging to specification.

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