CATHTIP Equipment Add-Ons

We love helping our customers!  From flashless catheter tipping, to burr-free hole forming, our equipment produces the consistent, quality parts you need.  Whether your project is manufactured in your cleanroom or CATHTIP’s, our engineers and skilled technicians set you up for success.  Would your project benefit from added functions?  Learn more about customization, vision systems and barcoding in this video:

•   is engineered to serve your project needs.

•   can accommodate both hole drilling and skiving in one machine.

•   offers unique benefits such as Flow Thru™ hollow drills that remove and evacuate cores.

•   can include a vision system to accurately locate lumens and metal braiding.

•   works with a barcode scanner to support high-volume production environments.


Catheter Hole Punch Benefits:
• Flow Thru™ Vacuum Equipped
• Core Capture Technology
• High Precision, Four Axis, Open Loop, Stepper Motor Controlled Motion
• Designed for Tool-Free Drill Change & Interchangeable Tooling
• Auto Drill Detection & Homing
• HMI Controlled with Status Alerts & Process Inputs
• Integrated Drill Cycle / Parts Count
• Small Footprint Tabletop Workstation (approx. 18”W x 33”L)
• Full Safety Shields -or- Light Curtains
• Integrated Emergency Stop

Catheter Tipping Benefits:
•More precise geometry with closed-loop feedback and control based on force, temperature, or current.
•Maximize heat control and minimize cycle time with a PID loop.
•Control heat, part feeding, part clamping and air-cooling on a user-friendly touchscreen.
•Achieve precision semi-automatic part feeding and placement with a programmed Servo motor and leadscrew drive.
•Product changeovers and die cleaning are an easy process with one-step, quick-change tooling.

Contact us at or call 435-628-1775 about your catheter tipping or hole forming project.