Ceramic Insulator Bodies | FW-9D

Challenge: To grind a ceramic insulator body for lean burn gas engines for use in cogeneration plants and containerized power generation units. Customer required four diameters as well multiple compound angles and radii to be ground concentric to the ID within .003”.


Before finding Glebar, the customer was grinding these insulators on antiquated in-house designed equipment from the 1940’s. Dressing various diameters and shapes was difficult with their existing process.

Utilizing our FW-9D Ferris Wheel / OD Grinding System, we were able to produce a finish ground part every twelve seconds concentric to the ID within .001. Cycle time was reduced by over 60% from their existing process. The process of redressing the work wheel was also improved and simplified by using our contour dressing attachment. This attachment allows the wheel to be dressed with multiple diameters and/or profile shapes with the use of a hardened steel template.