Endotracheal Tube Tipping

Does increased production sound interesting? In addition to flashless tipping, clean hole-drilling & higher yield of quality parts, we offer extensive customization of our tooling platform to meet your production needs and grow output.

SPOTLIGHT ON: 2-Up RF Forming Operations. One machine – potentially double the output.

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Endotracheal Tube Tipping

QUANTUM MACHINE: 2-Up Tooling Platform

  • Upgradable to 2-Up operations for potentially doubled production rates
  • Open-source platform design for ease of development & fine-tune positioning
  • Allows for customer-built tools to be integrated on machine
  • Modular “Black Box” tooling design for rapid switchover between all applications
  • Semi-automated motion for consistency, limiting operator variability
  • Load cell options for applications ranging from light to powerful force load requirements
  • Tooling sets compatible between CATHTIP Quantum & Magnum models

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