Extrusion Die Stretcher

The Extrusion Die Stretching Machine (figure 1) performs hot die draw-down of plastic tubing used in catheter production. Three different models are available, 3×26, 3×68, and 3×80, letting you maximize your workspace based on the tube extrusion requirements. The process enhances material strength and improves O.D. tolerances. The machine can process up to three tubes in parallel. The typical applications include tubing neck down, balloon tubing pre-stretching, and sheathed balloon heat setting on completed catheters. Model EDS-3X26 can also be used to jacket hypotubes and other applications requiring stretching tubes. 

Key Features
  • 26”, 68” or 80” maximum draw down length 
  • 6-digit LCD display for draw speed and draw distance readout 
  • Chain Drive with air activated engage/disengage clutch 
  • Optical limit switches 
  • Quick release mechanism for fast exchange of the extrusion dies 
  • Air clamps with polyurethane soft jaws or stainless steel serrated jaws available 

 Thinned down tubing ends are inserted through the hot extrusion die (figure 2). An air clamp with serrated hard jaws (figure 3) or optional urethane soft jaws grip the tubing. The draw slide travels on a precision ball bearing carriage along a central guide rail. Adjustable home switch and end of draw switch slide along the central rail and their position can be set against the S.S. ruler graduated in centimeters. A microprocessor based control unit provides function sequencing, timing and safety interlocks. 


The machine can perform one step or two step pulls. During the two step pull the 4 tubing tail is first drawn through the die a short distance of 0.5 or 1.0 inches. 


Secondly the jaws release, reposition themselves close to the die, grip the tube again by its thickest section and perform the final pull. 

EDS-3×26, 3×68, 3×80 


EDS-3X26, 3X68, 3X80 

Dimensions (LxWxH) 

3×26: 38”x17.75”x10.25” (96.5cm x 45.0cm x 26.0cm)

3×68: 75.5” x 18.0”x9.0” (191.8cm x 45.7cm x 22.9cm)

3×80: 90.5”x18.0”x9.0” (230cm x 45.7cm x 22.9cm) 


3×26: 45lbs (20.2Kg)

3×68: 90lbs (40.5Kg)

3×80: 100lbs (45Kg) 

Power Requirements 

Standard System: 120VAC 50/60 Hz., 520 Watts. Fuse 6.25A 250V.

Standard System: 230VAC 50/60Hz., 520 Watts. Fuse 5A 250V. 

Air Supply 

80-120 PSI (0.7 MPa) Shop Air, Dry, Filtered 


3 tubes, side by side, .020 inch to .187 inch 

Max Stretch Distance 

3×26: 26 inches (66cm)

3×68: 68 inches (173cm)

3×80: 80 inches (203 cm) 

Minimum Stretch Speed

Maximum Stretch Speed 

3.0 mm/sec 30 mm/sec 

Temperature Range 

Ambient to 450°F (232°C)