Form Grinding of Deodorant Balls | PG-9BHD


Manufacturers use lapping machines which are unable to hold consistent tolerances or capacity, creating inconsistent surface finishes and longer cycle times.

Provide a form grinding solution for 1″ and 1.4″ deodorant balls while meeting the customer’s cycle time and surface finish requirements.


PG-9BHD Centerless Form Grinder

Glebar developed ball grinding for the golf ball industry in the 1960s using centerless grinding fundamentals. The process was adapted to grind deodorant balls and other spherical or cylindrically shaped components. Glebar machines can grind most hard to turn materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and polypropylene. The oscillating regulating wheel assembly rotates the deodorant balls randomly improving sphericity. A 10” wide work wheel provides the highest capacity producing multiple components per cycle while maintaining tolerances of +/- 0.002” in this application. Finer tolerances can be achieved depending on material being processed.

Stainless steel hopper automatically drops deodorant balls into ball feeder channeling them into singular stations on the plunge grinder.

Within a 10 second cycle, up to eight 1” balls or up to six 1.4” balls can be ground simultaneously.

CE Certified design also available featuring interlocked safety enclosure and touch screen HMI.

A servo driven version is also available including all the benefits of connectivity, remote connection, gaging, automation interfacing, and precise positioning.

The PG-9BHD has been used for this process for decades because of its consistency, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.