GFS: Automatic Wire and Tube Feeding System

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The Glebar GFS is a stand-alone device which can seamlessly connect and feed parts into existing third-party machines including swiss screw machines, manual grinding machines, and more. The control system has been updated and features a 7-inch color HMI for simple and easy access to all aspects of feeder operation, which would traditionally be set from the HMI on the grinder. The feeder allows multiple modes of operation, including a completely standalone cycling mode that doesn’t require any signals from a grinder. Designed to feed long products such as guidewires, catheter bodies, metal tubing, and more. 

Key Features
  • Built on sturdy platform with casters for easy placement
  • 7-inch color HMI for simple and easy access to feeder operation
  • Feeds grinding machines, printing or laser marking machines, or any other equipment where the part needs to be introduced to a specified distance and retracted into a collection bin.
  • Trays mounted on the front and back of the unit provide convenient part staging areas.
  • Loads wire using a vacuum pick head on a pick and place unit.
  • Strips the wire from a bundle and drops it into a staging area reducing part to part feeding time.
  • Control has the capability of setting 5 different parameters such as distance to translate wire to the attached equipment, retract distance.
  • Optional Spool Cutter Assembly mounts on the loader dispenses NiTi product from a spool, cuts it to length, and places it in the loader tray.
  • Dual roller option provides the capability to feed and retract short wire in and out of a grinder.
  • Available in 10′ or 16′ feeder lengths
  • Machine Weight: 700 lbs (318 kg)
  • Electrical requirements: 120/240VAC, 3PH, 10Hz, 25A
  • Air requirements: 80-90PSI, 1 CFM
  • Standard Wire Diameter: up to .100, custom diameters available