Global Leader in Micro-Centerless and Electrochemical Grinding & Cutoff


Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) and Cutoff produces a
burr-free grind or cut virtually eliminating the need for secondary operations
such as deburring, wire brushing, and tumbling. Almost all metals can be cut or
ground burr-free making ECG an attractive option for the medical industry. ECG
is ideal for applications with tight tolerances and that are heat sensitive,
producing parts free from burrs, stress, and mechanical distortions such as
recast or heat-affected zones.

CS1-E Burr-Free Electrochemical Cutoff Machine

SG-1645 Burr-Free Electrochemical Surface Grinder

SG-2060 Burr-Free Electrochemical Surface Grinder

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding uses a grinding wheel and regulating
wheel, spinning at high rates of speed, to move the part through the grinding
zone to remove a precise amount of material providing a more consistent surface
finish. Depending on the application, multiple parts per cycle can be
processed, increasing process efficiency.


CAM.2 Microgrinder


GT-9AC Automated Guidewire Grinder


GT-610 CNC Infeed/Throughfeed Centerless Grinder


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