Guidewire Jacketing System: Accu Feed GJS

The Guidewire Jacketing System automates the singulation, feeding, coating, inspection, and binning process around 3rd party extrusion systems. The machine features variable, programmable pulling speed capability that allows for high-resolution control over the coating thickness which is over-extruded onto a wire.

Key Features
  • Closed loop pulling for precise coating thickness control
  • Recipe controlled parameters for error free setup
  • Wide range of automation options including post-extrusion laser mic diameter inspection, self-correcting intelligent speed control, and in-line cutting module
  • Compatible with a range of standard extrusion systems including Gimac, American Kuhne, and Davis Standard.
  • Power: 100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A
  • Air requirements: 30-100 PSI, 1-5 CFM
  • HMI: 7″ high resolution color touchscreen
  • CE certified model available
  • Straight lengths (stick form) Nitinol and stainless steel wire.