Increase Productivity by Cutting Zirconium Tubes with ECG | CS1-E

Current Process

Zirconium tubes are cut one at a time using carbide tools on a lathe. A lathe cutoff leaves burrs requiring deburring to achieve a smooth surface finish. Carbide tooling wears quickly when cutting zirconium and is expensive.



Deliver a cost-effective process to cut zirconium tubes which reduces the number of steps in production. Zirconium is highly flammable, and a dull carbide tool can cause the material to overheat and catch fire. Zirconium fires are dangerous and very hard to extinguish.


CS1-E Burr Free Electrochemical Cutoff Machine from Tridex Technology

The CS1-E can cut multiple tubes per cycle depending on their diameter. The CS1-E cuts tubes from .012″-3.15″ diameter. Electrochemical grinding leaves the tubes burr-free, eliminating the need for deburring.

In a recent test, the CS1-E cut 5 tubes burr-free, each measuring 3/8″ diameter, in one pass.

The cuts completed in a cycle time of 40 seconds, a 90% gain in productivity.

ECG produces very little heat and is safer than a lathe cutoff.

The CS1-E can be fitted with a fire suppression system for added safety.

Tridex’s Companion Software allows offline storage and editing of machine data, reducing machine downtime.