MCS-12 Single Axis Burr-Free ECG Cutoff Machine

The Tridex MCS-12 Single Axis Burr Free Electrochemical (ECG) Cutoff Machine features completely burr-free cutting, virtually eliminating the need for deburring or other corrective secondary operations and reducing scrap. Almost all metals can be cut burr-free with ECG making it an attractive option for cutting medical, aerospace, UHP gas delivery, and chromatography tubing. The MCS-12 is ideal for trim cuts after bending and excels at producing burr-free cuts for small batches.

Aluminum tube
Aluminum bar stock tubing
Key Features
  • Compact, robust design for superior tolerance and finish.
  • Completely burr-free cuts virtually eliminate the need for deburring and other secondary operations.
  • Fast, precise.
  • Easy setup and operation using color touchscreen HMI. 
  • Precision linear guides for cutting head axis – no pivot.
  • Servo drive ballscrew head motion for accurate repeatable cuts.
  • Direct drive spindle motor, no drive belt.
  • Standard variable speed spindle.
  • Standard canister electrolyte filter.
  • Standard flow control valve to regulate electrolyte flow.
  • All stainless construction including full access stainless splash guard and electrolyte tank.
  • All slide components are protected from electrolyte and grit.
  • No mechanical adjustments needed.
  • Cutting Capacity- Diameter: Up to 2.5″ (63mm)
  • Cutting Capacity- Length Min: tooling dependent
  • Cutting Capacity- Length Max: no maximum
  • High Precision Spindle: Ceramic Bearings and Air Purge
  • Control: Operator pendant color touchscreen
  • Fixtures: Stainless T-Slot table for fixture or vise mounting
  • Electrolyte Supply Tank: 10 Gallon (37 Liter) Stainless Steel
  • Safety Standards: Meets CE and ISO-13849.1
  • Spindle Motor: Standard direct drive AC motor, washdown grade
  • Power: 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz standard. 380V, 50Hz optional.
  • DC Power: 20V, 150A standard
  • Machine Footprint: 68″ x 55″ x 75″ (173cm x 140cm x 190cm)