MMT Unveils the Interface Catheter Solutions BFM-5510 High Force Balloon Forming Machine

Advanced Capabilities for Manufacturing Structural Heart, Large Platform & Thick Wall Balloons

Charlotte, NC, USA – June 26, 2024– Interface Catheter Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the BFM-5510 High Force Balloon Forming Machine, introducing advanced capabilities for the precise production of structural heart, large platform, and thick wall high-pressure balloons. This state-of-the-art benchtop system is designed for manufacturing low and non-compliant polymer balloons used in angioplasty, stent placement, and other critical cardiac procedures. 

“The advanced capabilities of the BFM-5510 HF not only meet but exceed the demands of manufacturing large format, high-pressure medical balloons, providing our customers with the precision and reliability they need to innovate and excel in their fields,” said Robbie Atkinson, CEO of MMT. 

Building on the reliable BFM-3310 platform, the BFM-5510 HF utilizes beryllium copper molds to shape precision-extruded balloon tubing, delivering balloons with stringent quality and tight tolerances across an extensive range of sizes and shapes. This advanced machine introduces significant enhancements to meet the demands of larger, thicker, and more complex medical balloon production. 

Key Enhancements of the BFM-5510 HF: 

  • Increased Motor Torque: Boosts motor torque by 83%, enhancing its capability to handle low and non-compliant tubes. 
  • Enhanced Clamping Force: Increases clamping force by 356%, providing superior grip and stability, ensuring precise and secure balloon formation. 
  • Expanded Diameter Range: Expands the diameter range of water jackets to 18-52mm, allowing for the production of larger balloons that can be used in a wider range of medical applications. 
  • Improved Load Cell Capacity: Enhances load cell capacity by 150%, ensuring robust performance during the balloon forming process, even under high-stress conditions. 

For more information about the BFM-5510 HF Balloon Forming Machine or to schedule a demonstration, please visit our website at or contact our sales team at 

About Interface Catheter Solutions: 

Interface Catheter Solutions is a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions for the medical device industry. Specializing in catheter manufacturing equipment and services, Interface Catheter Solutions is committed to delivering innovative, high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of the medical community. 

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