P4K: Profile Metrology System

The Glebar P4K Gauging System is the world’s fastest and most accurate profile metrology system available for long parts or multiple short parts. It is the industry standard for measuring medical guidewires. It can scan multiple single parts or one long part in one operation. Inspectors simply clamp the part in the fixture and in one mouse click begin scanning. The simple user interface allows inspectors to quickly determine product quality on the manufacturing floor. Quality managers are provided with enough analysis data and traceability to comply with even the most stringent quality requirements. For companies with multiple facilities, the available SQL version connects to the intranet, centralizing data measurements and templates across plants. Common applications include medical guidewires, arthroscopic shavers, and fasteners.

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Key Features
  • Simple, easy-to-use software and user interface.
  • Results are presented to operators as a clear Go or No Go.
  • Detects and measures even minute defects.
  • Measurement is automatic, free of any operator influence.
  • Parts are pulled through an optical micrometer.
  • Fast scanning provides 10,000 readings per second.
  • Provides a diameter and length reading every 30 millionths of an inch.
  • No moving parts – stable calibration and no deterioration over time.
  • Reporting, lot control, and data aggregation for SPC analysis standard.
  • Point-to-point dimensioning by simply clicking on the part features, with unlimited zooming.
  • Mounted on precision lapped granite for a qualified and thermally stable surface.
  • Supports any combination of English and Metric Units (inch, cm, mm).
  • Provides size compensation feedback to the Glebar CAM.2, GT-9AC, and GT-610 CNC.
  • Ability to set warning tolerances to alert the operator before a part goes out of tolerance.
  • All data, templates, results, and raw scan information are stored for easy product traceability.
  • Result data can be imported into Excel, Minitab, or SPC programs.
  • SQL version available to centralize data measurements and templates across plants.
  • Diameter Accuracy: 0.5μm (0.00002”)
  • Machine Weight: 1,300 lbs
  • Diameter Repeatability: 0.06μm (0.000002”)
  • Motor: Ultra smooth linear motor with 0.1μm (0.000004”) resolution
  • Data Rate: 40” (1m) of measurement travel in a single scan. Highspeed, hard real-time data acquisition better than 10kHz.
  • Scan Rate: up to 3” (75mm) per second
  • Power: 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 15/8A
  • Air: 4CFM @ 80PSI
  • Measurable Length: 1m standard; 1.4m, 2m available
  • Machine Footprint: 28” x 76” x 68” (71 x 193 x 172cm)