Parison Stretching Machine

Balloon manufacturing requires precision at every step. Parison stretching is no exception. MMT manufactures premier parison stretching machines that can stretch parison with forces up to 500N.


The PSM-400-SD parison stretcher is meticulously engineered to stretch parisons with unparalleled precision, ensuring uniformity and strength in every catheter produced. 


The MPT PSM-500-SD Parison Stretching Machine offers precise control over the stretching of balloon parisons, ensuring consistency and high-quality output. Maximum stretch force of 500 N. 

CPS-1000: Computerized Parison Stretcher

The Interface CPS-1000 is a system designed to stretch or neck-down tubing parisons in preparation for the balloon-forming process. It is easily programmable through the tilt touchscreen and capable of storing multiple program parameters with an operator lock-out option.