Parison Stretching: PSM 500-SD

Parison stretching is an integral part of balloon blowing. Therefore Medical Production Technology Europe BV has put its innovative design capability into the build and design of the PSM-500-SD parison stretching machine.

Key Features

  • 10” color touch panel interface with parameter setting and recipe control.
  • Fast and powerful servo-controlled axis for repeatable and
    reliable stretching of the parison materials during the forming process.
  • Innovative pre-heating system for better parison stretching results.
  • Easy to change split die with stable and robust design for reliable production.
  • The PSM-500-SD built with a very high-quality benchmark resulting in a stable and robust design with minimal cost of ownership.
  • Easy to use interfacing software with recipe control. Barcode scanner support is standard Software settings on first and second stretch.
  • The design is optimized for use in clean rooms and can be very easily wiped and cleaned due to the smooth and closed surfaces.


Stretch technology

Heated split die drawing principle

Split die material

Stainless tool steel with high polished draw cavity

Maximum tube diameter

6.5 mm (optional larger diameters possible)

Minimum parison length

7 mm (when using the transition sensor)

Maximum parison length

100 mm (when using the transition sensor)

Stretch force

500 N maximum

Stretch speed

25 mm/s maximum (servo controlled)

Stretch length

500 mm maximum single sided


Self-aligning clamp

Stretch Temperature

20 °C – 220 °C +/- 0.5 °C

Pre-heat system

20 °C – 220 °C +/- 0.5 °C with adjustable time and stroke


10” colour touch panel

Control software

Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option





Required air pressure

7 bar minimum

Power supply

115 / 240 VAC / 0.8 kW

Safety systems 

Covers with coded magnets and safety PLC circuit