Radio Frequency Pigtail Curling

SPOTLIGHT ON: Pigtail Curling Process on RF Tipping Machines

CATHTIP Radio Frequency tipping machines utilize precise closed-loop temperature control, allowing equal accuracy whether modifying delicate, thin-walled material or robust thick-walled material.

The Magnum and Quantum tipping machines are capable of manufacturing complex tip configurations.

Watch our latest pigtail curling operation in action – one of our latest tool innovations for RF forming technology!

At CATHTIP, we strive for excellence every day!

Pigtail Curling Operation on the CATHTIP Magnum RF TIPPING MACHINE

Curling Process Characteristics: 

1. Optimized Tool Design for RF

2. Closed-Loop Temperature Control

3. Multi-Heating Method Stages

4. Active Cooling Throughout Cycle

5. Single Tube Flow Operation

6. Modular Pigtail Black Box Tooling Set

The success of any RF tube-forming application is limited only by your imagination when using applicable tube materials and feasible forming dimensions. Call Us Today!

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