Benchtop Coil Winder

Key Features Winds loose (variable or fixed pitch) coils on a spinning mandrel.  Right chuck position can be adjusted to get variable mandrel lengths.  Mandrel length is part of the recipe setting and travel is limited accordingly.  Up to 25 process recipes can be stored with up to 20 steps each  Displays of parameter set […]

Coil winder: Multi Filar

EBD 924 Multifilar Coil Winder

This coil was formed by winding 12 individual .0045″ diameter wires over a .035″ diameter spinning mandrel. The multi-filar coil winder machine uses a camera vision system to wind fine filaments around a spinning mandrel and produce multi-filar micro coils with up-to 4 filars. After the coils are produced, they are used for medical and […]

Coil Winder: 503 Single Filar

EBD Coil winding technology is developed specifically to wind micro coils for minimally invasive medical devices. Our coil winders can wind coils down to .001″ diameter wire on a .010″ mandrel using our innovative closed-loop filar tension control system. The machine flexibility enables the filar tension to be recipe controlled from 5 grams to 600 […]

Catheter Laminating: 311

EBD Quad Catheter Laminator shrinks catheter tubing faster than the competition. Designed for vertical operation, its patented hot air circulation process contains the heat within the system, maximizing the time at temperature for faster processing. By improving the accuracy of all controlled parameters, this machine can increase productivity through reduced rejects and faster processing speeds. […]