Tooling: Medical Extrusion Tools

R&D Engineering extrusion tools are machined with high-quality materials and are extremely accurate and durable machines. We offer a large catalog of tool designs from a wide range of sizes, from standard to the more intricate. Customized designs are built to your needs and work towards building a system that meets and exceeds your requirements […]

Mandrel Remover

CT MANDREL PULLER is a simple machine designed to pull out/remove  mandrels from any type of catheter tubing. This machine can be equipped with either Servo or Pneumatic controls depending on operational needs. We have several different ways to grip the mandrels and offer mandrel handling after the unit is completed.  Specs Pulls solid or […]

Liner Stretcher

The CATH-TECH™ Liner Stretcher uses a combination of heat and tension to process a liner to a fixed mandrel. This automated process eliminates the need for the operator to hand stretch a liner.  Our CATH-TECH Liner Stretcher and its process allow the liner to sit tight against the mandrel with minimal relaxation. Because of the fine […]

Tooling: Skiver

The CT Skiver is a customized tool that cuts between the catheter tubing and applied heat shrink layers and separates them, removing the heat shrink material. Specs Each unit is hand polished, and features are blended to allow the unit to smoothly move through the material Standard material offerings are 416 or 440 Stainless Steel, […]

Tooling: Tube Extrusion Tools

Catheter Hole Punching Drills Flow-Thru™ Catheter Hole Forming Drill Bits Attain the highest quality hole appearance and reduce manufacturing costs. Enjoy fast throughput and infrequent drill bit changes. Benefit from CATHTIP’s proprietary Flow Thru™ hollow design drills in your high volume production environment.  The ground edge and the exact geometry of the drills make holes […]

Catheter Laminating: Reflow

The Cath-Tech (CT) Reflow Chamber is a precision catheter lamination solution that utilizes a strictly controlled and conventional heated chamber while navigating down tubing at a precise and regulated speed. This machine provides highly repeatable and uniform laminations of medium to long-length catheter shafts. The CT Reflow Chamber has process repeatability, high yield, and uniformity […]

Catheter Laminating: Reflow Clam Shell

The CT Reflow Clam machine differs from the CT Reflow Chamber machine because of its ability to be programmed to skip over various parts of a catheter assembly, therefore removing heat from designated parts of the catheter. The CT Reflow Clam uses a split die design that opens and closes around the needed parts where […]

Catheter Laminating: Reflow Roller

The R&D Engineering Reflow Roller boasts eight (8) chambers that continuously feed the product, and enable a quick transition between loads by the operator. This easy-to-control, compact machine is not suitable for micro wall systems less than <2000 of an inch. SPEC SHEET

Catheter Tipping: R&D Radio Frequency

Our Radio Frequency Tipping Machine uses RF energy which improves application processing speed as it automatically starts at the desired temperature. Additionally, it provides more flexibility to the dies when needed. Specifications Typically uses 120 V system, options to use 208-240 vac. single, or 3 phase. Additional specs can be added at customer request. Options […]

Bonding: Hot Box

The CATH-TECH HOTBOX (CT HOTBOX) uses a flexible way to tip catheters, recover heat shrink or reflow tubing segments. We offer customization of these hot boxes, which will allow for successful long-term solutions. The CATH-TECH Hotbox comes with interchangeable nozzles, an actuated foot pedal for cooling, and a temperature controller which can be accessed and […]

Bonding: Split Die Bonder

CT Spilt Die Bonder enables two catheter ends (made with similar materials) to be sealed together and encased in heat shrink material. This helps provide consistency to the seal. Key Features Hot jaw heater available Different die configurations Tool can be customized to customer sizing dimensions CT Spilt Die Bonder enables two catheter ends (made […]