Thrufeed Grinding Steel Tubes | TF-9DHD

Manufacturers use grinding machines with a narrow work wheel requiring several passes to reduce the diameter and achieve acceptable surface finish. Thus creating longer cycle times. Machines are difficult to adjust for setup and changeovers requiring highly skilled technicians. Heavy material removal in a short distance deforms thin walled tubing and causes burns.

Deliver a process with a small footprint that can grind tubes while maintaining a high quality part. Decrease downtime related to maintenance, troubleshooting, and complicated changeovers.


Glebar TF-9DHD Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinder

8-5/8″ wide work wheel combined with a 15HP main spindle motor removes more material per pass than larger machines, improving cycle times and providing a better surface finish. Grinds both hard and soft materials specializing in parts from 1” in diameter down to 0.002” diameter. Multi-axis controller can position both grinding wheel slides to a 0.1 micron resolution. Available in-line gauge provides real-time feedback of ground parts helping ensure tube roundness.
In a recent test, Glebar ground 12’ stainless steel tubing which had a 0.191” diameter. The TF-9DHD removed 0.006”, while maintaining 0.0001″ roundness, 0.0004″ straightness, and an 8 Ra finish with a cycle time of 2.35 minutes per tube.

The TF-9DHD features the widest work wheel on the market: 8-5/8″, despite its small overall footprint measuring 56”x70”x50”.

Glebar’s in-house programmers configure the operator-friendly controls reducing set up and changeover time.

Remote connectivity allows Glebar’s technicians to quickly troubleshoot any issues reducing machine downtime.

The 8-5/8” wide work wheel combined with the more gradual regulating wheel angle reduces the pressure on the tubing increasing the accuracy and maintaining roundness.

The machine is built on a 2,000 lb granite base which absorbs vibration, keeping the machine stable while grinding.