Catheter Tube and Wire Cutting Equipment | Catheter Manufacturing

Accu-Cut Tube and Wire Cutting equipment specialize in precision cutting for a wide range of materials, including soft, brittle, braided, and non-braided substances like silicone, PEEK, nylon, PTFE, Pebax®, stainless steel, and nitinol wire.


Our Accu-Cut solutions utilize quick-change production tooling and advanced cutting techniques to precisely cut tubing to programmable lengths. With Accu-Cut machines, you can expect perfect square cuts, burr-free, on both the proximal and distal ends of the tube.


Designed with operators in mind, Accu-Cut machines feature precision length and height measurement tools, guided part loading, and a user-friendly programmable HMI interface with an LCD touchscreen as standard features throughout our product lineup. Our machines also ensure a fully biocompatible and non-shedding part path, meeting the highest industry standards.


SYNEO’s automated tube and wire cutting machines offer optional features to enhance functionality and versatility. These include recipe programming, automatic scrap sorting, and end-slit capabilities. Our Accu-Cut tube and wire processing equipment seamlessly integrates with SYNEO’s Accu-Feed and Accu-Bin products, enabling streamlined upstream feeding and downstream directional pass-fail binning and sorting processes.


Experience precision, reliability, and efficiency with SYNEO Accu-Cut solutions.

Accu-Cut 202L 

Highly regarded among medical device manufacturers for its precision, speed, and adaptability, the Accu-Cut 202L Automated Tube Cutter is known for its clean, square corners and precise lengths with convenient output. 

Accu-Cut 202W

The SYNEO Accu-Cut 202W automated wire cutter is a high precision automated medical wire cutter that provides the cleanest cuts for Stainless Steel, Nitinol, and Titanium wire, flat wire, and coils. The automatic guidewire cutting machine offers many state-of-the-art options for recipe set-up, enhanced control, clean and convenient storage.

Accu-Cut 700L 

The Accu-Cut 700L Automated Braided Tubing Cutter brings the engineering of the Accu-Cut 202L to difficult materials, including braid-reinforced tubing, stainless steel, polycarbonate and nylon 12. 

Accu-Cut 700M

The Semi-Automatic Braided Tubing Cutter targets rotary cutting applications for polyimide and pebax-based stainless-steel reinforced tubing, hard plastics including PEEK and polycarbonate and high durometer Nylon 12, and thin wall 303-4 stainless steel tubing.

Accu-Cut CTXL 

The Accu-Cut CT Automated Large Tubing Cutter, based on the Accu-Cut 202L, is designed for applications that demand high traction and high power indexing.

Accu-Cut 20M & 20MHD

The Manual Medical Tubing Cutters trim rough-cut assemblies to precise lengths with square, burr-free cuts.

 Accu-Cut 70M

The Manual Medical Tubing Roll Cutter trims rough-cut braided tubing to precise lengths with square, burr-free cuts.