Wire Cutting: Accu Cut 202W

Highly regarded among medical device manufacturers for its precision, speed, and adaptability, the Accu-Cut 202W Automated Wire Cutter is known for its clean, square corners and precise lengths with convenient output. State-of-the-art options are available for recipe set-up, enhanced control, clean and convenient storage, and special process needs. The 202W can be easily integrated with Accu-Feed stick and spool feeders for fully automated manufacturing.

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Key Features
  • Square cuts and precise lengths on both hard and soft materials
  • Fast, repeatable setup with 10-second blade and tooling change and optional Recipe Store and Save system
  • “Walk-away” automation of stick- and spool-fed materials available
  • Special process capabilities include angle cuts, dual cuts, slitting, and inspection
  • Automatic index crush control
  • Rate: 200ppm
  • Speed: 14.566”/second (37cm/second)
  • High speed option: 44.882”/second (114cm/second)
  • Standard deviation: .005” (short lengths) (0.13mm)
  • Repeatability (+/-): .2-.5% of total cut length in most applications
  • Design annual usage: 10 million cycles
  • Maximum blade force: 20 lb. (9.07 kg)
  • Typical materials: All types of wire
  • Cut length range: .020-300” (0.51-7620mm)
  • Cut and slit length range: 0-100” (0-2540mm)
  • Length handling range: 2-1000” (5-2540cm)
  • OD handling range (cut): .010-.500” (2.54-12.7mm)
  • OD handling range (cut and slit): .025-.200” (0.64-5.08mm)