Catheter Production Fixtures

Figure 1: Balloon Trimmer/Tip Cutter

Performs precision square end cuts to specified lengths. Quick and repeatable results on items such as balloon necks and catheter tips.

Figure 2: Slitting Fixture. Pneumatic or Manual

This fixture is used to make axial slits precisely aligned with the tubing centerline through one wall only – such as for forming an inner lumen opening on PTCA distal shaft tubing. The pneumatic model features a foot pedal control. 

Figure 3: Marker Band Pre-Crimper

The Marker Band Pre-Crimper simultaneously positions and pre-crimps marker bands on a catheter shaft in preparation for the swaging process.

Figure 4: Crimping Pliers

The Crimping Pliers are used to manually position marker bands on the catheter shaft. The pliers are custom made to your specifications, with up to 5 crimping grooves depending on the sizes required. 

Figure 5: Catheter Stand
This rollaway stand is ideal for transferring semi-finished and finished catheters between work stations. The stand holds approximately 80 catheters. Catheters are hanging by the luer hub that is retained in a slot on the side of the cross bars. Placement and removal of catheters is fast and easy.