Catheter Skiving Slotting Video

Let us introduce you to something new for your R&D or clean room repertoire:  the CATHTIP Skive Capsule (patent pending).   Slotting or skiving your catheter tubing just got easier.  Precision cuts with clean and smooth edges is just what you expect from us – and exactly what this equipment delivers.  Get a sneak peek in this teaser video, with a full demonstration video coming soon.

Catheter Skive Capsule

CATHTIP’s new equipment for slots or skiving is:

  • Adaptable to different skive/slot diameters and depths of cut.
  • Equipped with custom-made, ultra sharp blades.
  • Capable of cutting skives or slots in the same unit.
  • Fully CNC integrated for high precision in skive/slot size and location.
  • Equipped with easily replaceable blades.
  • Engineered to be used on the 400 Series machine in conjunction with hole forming to do both processes in one operation.

Contact us at or call 435-628-1775 to learn more about skiving or another CATHTIP capability.