Catheter Tipping & Hole Forming Machines

In this challenging environment, we first want to say we hope all you – our valued partners and families – are healthy.

Second, we want you to know that we are open and here for you.  Your machines, dies, drills and tooling are being fashioned.  Your processes are being developed.  Your projects are moving forward.  We have strong inventory and supplier support.  Our class 7 clean room is available should you have need of added capacity.

Third, government directives are coming at us daily.  We continue to serve and provide within these important guidelines for Critical Infrastructure.

Learn more about available equipment and services:

Proof-of-Concept, Rapid Prototypes and Process Refinement

Your catheter products will be nurtured along the path from R&D to production using CATHTIP proprietary dies, drills, formulas, and equipment. Join the worldwide family of medical device developers who’ve succeeded with more accurate, effective products using CATHTIP’s Proven Process.

Catheter Tipping and Hole Punching Equipment

Produce the highest quality parts with speed and consistency on our precision catheter tipping & catheter hole drilling systems. You receive results to your exacting standards = clean, superior-quality holes and more exacting geometry in your catheter tips.

Cleanroom Production of Catheters & Related Medical Device Components

Your project – whether high or low volume – is managed by a team of quality-focused manufacturing specialists to ensure time and design specifications are met, taking a proactive approach to design the highest-quality and most cost-effective processes.

Precision Drills, Dies and Tooling Made In-House

CATHTIP engineers employ proprietary techniques to design & manufacture the high level of dies and drills that give you a superior product. Tooling is manufactured in-house to ensure the quality our customers demand.

Catheter Tips, Flares, Bonds and Holes

Our extensive catheter equipment capabilities allow you to tip, bond, flare and form holes to exacting standards. The majority of materials and sizes can be produced using our powerful RF generators for tipping and proprietary Flow-Thru™ hollow drills for hole punching.

Contact us at or call 435-628-1775 to learn more about the flex drill or other CATHTIP offerings.