Elongated Shaft Hole-Drilling & Skiving

Unique applications may require unique solutions. Lean on our 25+ years of catheter manufacturing expertise to help engineer repeatable solutions and improve product quality, rate of production, & supplementary services. Have you run into similar challenges like the ones listed below? Watch how we solved these hurdles in this brand-new application processing video!

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Elongated Shaft Hole-Drilling & Skiving

Custom 400-Series Machine

Customizable Solution!
Your Process Development Challenges
  • Torsional Stresses due to length of catheter shafts
  • High stiction forces between silicone extrusion & tooling
  • Potentially long processing cycles with traditional mandrel part loading


Our Solution to These Challenges
  • Dual x & rotary axes enabling total control of both tube ends
  • Tooling geometry optimized to reduce surface interactions
  • Flow-thru drill eliminates need for sacrificial mandrel, reducing cycle time

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