Increase Memory for Programming with Companion Software from Tridex Technology | CS1-EA

Current Process

CS1 machines can store up to 100 setups, and PLC controlled SG machines can store up to 30 setups. This limits how many programs can be stored and archived on each machine. Programming and training must be done on the operator screen at the machine reducing availability for production.


Develop an effective way to archive and re-use setups across multiple machines. Manually entering programs is time-consuming. Users can make editing errors or unauthorized changes at the machine resulting in higher scrap rates or a possible machine crash. Training in large groups can be limited in today’s environment given social distancing and PPE requirements.


Solution: Companion Software for the Tridex CS1 and SG series machines with PLC controls

The Companion Software converts the setups, cut lists, and user programs into Windows files allowing unlimited offline storage and archiving possibilities.

User programs can be transferred from the Companion Software to the machine using a PC or remote internet connection via the customer’s network.

Editor functions are identical to those used on the machine controls.

Creating and editing files off-line allows a technician to easily transfer all saved programs at once reducing machine setup times.

Prevents operators from unauthorized editing at the machine reducing scrap rates.

Training can be performed offline in an open environment to promote social distancing.