Infeed/Thrufeed Centerless Grinder: GT-610

The Glebar GT-610 Infeed/Throughfeed Precision Centerless Grinder features a compact design that provides high horsepower, high rigidity, and superior slide positioning. Customizable controls are designed to integrate full turnkey automation including feeders, robots, pick and place gantry, automatic gauging, cleaning, and pass/fail sorting assemblies. The rigid designs excels at grinding PCD Diamond, and metals such as steel, carbide, titanium, and composite materials. Common applications include aerospace fasteners, arthroscopic shavers, transmission bushings, small hard metal components, and more.

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Key Features
  • Maintains extremely tight tolerances.
  • Grinds multiple parts per cycle.
  • Full turnkey automation integration available including feeders, robots, pick/place gantry, gauging, cleaning, and sorting assemblies.
  • Independent upper and lower slide positioning.
  • Available variable speed AC spindle drive maintains constant surface speed increasing wheel surface feet as the work wheel wears.
  • Intuitive touch screen HMI allows an unskilled operator to run multiple high-precision machines simultaneously.
  • Remote connectivity simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Available automatic wheel balancing system.
  • A single operator can change the work wheel in less than 15 minutes.
  • Glebar P4K Gauging System available to feed diameter measurements to the control system for automatic size compensation.
  • Available patented motorized work rest blade adjusts the lateral position of parts while grinding.
  • Multiple programmable grind zones.
  • Stationary and removable template tracing dressers for both wheels.
  • Available 80/20 safety enclosure with mist collector.
  • CE Certification available.
  • Work Wheel Size: 10” x 8.625” (254 x 219mm)
  • Work Wheel RPM: 2,500
  • Work Wheel Power: 15HP (11kW)
  • Work Wheel Diameter: 10” (254mm)
  • Work Wheel Width: 8.625” (220mm)
  • Regulating Wheel Diameter: 6” (152mm)
  • Regulating Wheel Power: 2HP (1.5kW)
  • Regulating Wheel RPM: 10 – 200
  • Grinding Diameter Capacity: Min 0.002” (0.05mm) – Max 2.0” (50.8mm)
  • Roundness: Better than 0.00005” (1.3 microns)
  • Diameter Resolution: Better than 0.0001” (2.5 microns)
  • Upper Slide Resolution: 0.1μm (0.000004”)
  • Lower Slide Resolution: 0.1μm (0.000004”)
  • Machine Weight: 3,130 lbs (on a granite bed)
  • Power: 480V, 60Hz, 40A
  • Air: 40CFM @ 80PSI
  • Machine Footprint: 66” x 54” x 94” (168 x 137 x 239cm)
  • Machine Bed: 6” Thick Granite