MMT Introduces the EBD Benchtop Coil Winder

Provides Precision and Versatility for R&D Engineers

Charlotte, NC, USA – April 15, 2024 – Medical Manufacturing Technologies (MMT), a leading innovator in medical device manufacturing technology, is excited to announce the launch of the EBD Benchtop Coil Winder. Engineered with precision and versatility, this innovative device empowers research & development (R&D) engineers with exceptional control and accuracy for proof-of-concept and small-scale production of precision medical coils. 

The EBD Benchtop Coil Winder is designed to streamline the coil winding process and facilitate the testing of new coil winding patterns, continuously evaluate wind pitch tightness, and filament tension. With its intuitive programming, manufacturers can quickly and easily set up and execute tests, allowing for efficient experimentation and optimization of coil designs. 

“With the EBD Benchtop Coil Winder, engineers gain access to unparalleled precision in testing winding parameters, ensuring consistent and reliable results,” said Richard Warren, Chief Commercial Officer at MMT. “This device opens a new era of opportunities for research and development in the medical device industry, providing the capability to work with filaments of diverse sizes and configurations, while also facilitating short-run production. Moreover, our equipment’s intuitive programming interface empowers manufacturers to effortlessly test new coil winding patterns, evaluate wind pitch tightness, and examine filament tension with exceptional ease and precision.” 

From catheters and pacemakers to emerging medical devices, the EBD Benchtop Coil Winder provides an economical model without sacrificing quality. Its compact design makes it suitable for small-scale production environments, while its robust construction ensures reliability and durability. 


Key Features of the EBD Benchtop Coil Winding Equipment Include: 

Intuitive Programming: Streamlines testing processes with an easy-to-use programming interface. 

Versatile Functionality: Performs a variety of coil winding tasks, from testing new patterns to evaluating wind pitch tightness. 

Precision Pitch: Maintains tension at all wind speeds. 

Compact, Economical Design: Save space in your manufacturing facility with our introductory benchtop model in coil winding equipment, offering affordability without sacrificing quality. 

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