New Generation Bar Pouch Sealer (Model BPS-010)

The New Generation Bar Pouch Sealer (Model#: BPS-010) is a compact tabletop Bar Sealer, PLC controlled and interfaced with a label printer to control (poka-yoke) your pouch labeling and sealing process. It incorporates the new upgraded control system. Key Features Accurate digital control of temperature, pressure, and time. Includes an Allen Bradley PLC programmed with […]

Automation Process

At MMT Automation, we follow a defined process flow for Equipment Development & Design; from Planning through Specification, Design, Construction, Testing & Installation. This process supports a typical Gamp5 Validation V-Model.

Hydrostatic Burst Test

The Somex Automation High-Pressure Hydrostatic Burst Tester is a standalone unit using the hydrostatic principle, capable of generating test pressures in excess of 70 bar and burst testing a wide range of products. Versions with air or other pressure media instead of water can be provided.  Key Features  Versions with air or other pressure media […]

Hot-Flo Heat Box

The Somex Automation Hot-Flo Heat Box is a benchtop Catheter Hot Air Nozzle System. The Heat Box features a digital readout of airflow, a ready lamp for temperature and airflow, and options for Enhanced Control & Monitoring of process parameters. It is available in two configurations: Compact and Umbilical. Key Features  Accurate Digital Air Flow […]

Balloon Catheter Infographic

Flashless Tipping Thermal Bonding Hole Forming/ Skiving Balloon Forming Coil Winding Catheter Lamination Cut to Length Bonding Skiving/Hole Forming Marker Band Swaging Guidewire Grinding Stent Crimping Balloon Forming, Pleating & Folding Guidewire Microgrinding Burr-Free Needle Pointing

Total Guidewire Solutions

1 SYNEO LTD Spool Wire Feeder 2 SYNEO 110W Wire Feeder 3 SYNEO 202W Wire Cutter Coating 4 Glebar CAM.2 Micro Grinder 5 Glebar GSR6 Wire Deburring 6 Glebar P4K Gauging System for Inspection 7 EBD Coil Winder 8 SYNEO Laser Marking/Ablation 9 SYNEO CRS Microblaster 10 SYNEO 202W Wire Cutter

Catheter Manufacturing Process

1 Liner Stretching 2 Tube Feeding 3 Catheter Cutting 4 Laminating/Reflow 5 Mandrel Removing 6 Catheter Tipping 7 Tube Feeding, Testing, Binning 8 Laser Marking 9 Parison Stretching 10 Balloon Forming 11 Balloon Pleating and Folding 12 Pressure Leak Test 13 Marker Band Swaging 14 Drilling & Skiving 15 Bonding/Welding 16 Hotbox 17 Stent Loading […]