Accu-Cut 70M: Manual Medical Tubing Roll Cutter

The Manual Medical Tubing Roll Cutter trims rough-cut braided tubing to precise lengths with square, burr-free cuts. The 70M was designed to bring safe, ergonomic and precise braided tube cutting to lower volume production areas that are not ready for high speed automated equipment. Designed to be cost effective for production volumes up to 200 […]

Accu-Test MIS: Mechanical Inspection Systems

SYNEO’s custom Mechanical Inspection Systems are utilized in applications requiring detection or quality assessments of surface roughness, typically found in combination with micro-blasting or other surface roughening applications. Key Features Reduced operator fatigue and potential for injury claims incurred from repetitive, non-ergonomic inspection processes Reduced inspection time and costs The medical tubing pass-fail binning eliminates incomplete or […]

Accu-Test VIS: Vision Inspection Systems

SYNEO’s custom Vision Inspection Systems are utilized in applications requiring detection or quality assessments of holes, marker bands, tip profiles and printed text or feature verification. SYNEO’s medical device visual inspection machines provide a remedy for difficult and error-prone manual, visual inspection situations. Key Features Reduced operator fatigue and potential for injury claims incurred from repetitive, non-ergonomic […]

Medical Precision Cutting Tools

With over twenty years of cutter development and hole-making experience, our applications team is equipped to satisfy the most-challenging hole dimension requirements.   At MMT, our SYNEO brand manufactures medical precision cutting tools with unparalleled sharpness for drilling, punching, and skiving holes in catheter tubing and tissue-cutting medical devices. Featuring SYNEO’s proprietary Hollow Core Sharpening Technology, our […]

Device Assembly Services

At MMT we offer a host of medical manufacturing services, including device assembly services. As experts in the medical device manufacturing industry, we hold a competitive advantage with catheter component processing and assembly by using custom designed machines from across our portfolio. Together, we serve a variety of medical device OEMs, contract manufacturers, designers and […]

Catheter Component Processing

At MMT, we are proud to offer top-notch services and support for catheter and guidewire manufacturing. Our services cater to a diverse range of OEMs and contract manufacturers. Whether you are in the research and development phase or require high-volume manufacturing, we have the capabilities to support your needs. Our manufacturing services can be customized […]

Dual Feeding: Accu Feed DFS

The Dual-Feed system consists of two feeding processes mounted onto a high-quality, aluminum extruded, anodized rotary stand. This catheter manufacturing tube feeding machine provides precise alignment for variable cutting production. The dual feeding system is perfect for stick feeding to the SYNEO branded Accu-Cut machine or  feeding through the Accu-Feed CPF, or spool feeding with […]

Guidewire Jacketing System: Accu Feed GJS

The Guidewire Jacketing System automates the singulation, feeding, coating, inspection, and binning process around 3rd party extrusion systems. The machine features variable, programmable pulling speed capability that allows for high-resolution control over the coating thickness which is over-extruded onto a wire. Key Features Closed loop pulling for precise coating thickness control Recipe controlled parameters for […]

Center Pick feeding: Accu Feed CPF

The SYNEO branded Center Pick Feeder targets similar applications as its well known counterpart the 110 Feeder but with a significantly smaller floor space requirement. This compact medical stick tubing feeder can feed and position to an accurate location or can feed until a handoff signal is received from downstream equipment. It can communicate with […]

Guidewire Feeding: Accu Feed AGF

The Advanced Guidewire Feeder is the optimal wire feeding solution for centerless grinding processes. It improves production speed, accuracy, and quality while delivering a substantial return-on-investment. This medical centerless guidewire grinder is available in three lengths (two, three and five meters), and its optional wheels provide easy installation. Materials processed include plastic stick tubing, nitinol, and […]

Guidewire Feeding: Accu Feed 410 & 510

The 410 & 510 guidewire centerless grinder feeders handle wire for manufacturing processes such as guidewire centerless grinding, tip forming, bead blasting, or cleaning. The medical guidewire feeding machines are configurable for integration with all brands of centerless grinders. Compared to manual feeding, these feeders provide increased capacity, productivity, and improved process capability, leading to rapid […]

Dereeler: Accu Feed HPD

The Accu-Feed HPD High Performance Dereeler is similar to the Accu-Feed LTD in design and function. However, the HPD can handle a much larger spool as well as heavy gauge materials. A larger dancer arm, stronger drive transmission and revised part path eliminates reverse-bending during the feed process, which is ideal for olefin, Teflon®, and […]

Stick Feeding: Accu Feed 110

The dynamic Accu-Feed 110 Stick Tubing and Wire Feeder provides high speed, precise stick feeding of wire, metal and plastic tubing and metal rods for medical applications. This machine can feed and hold at an accurate position, or can feed until a handoff signal is received. The 110 can be paired with Syneo machines to […]

Dereeler: Accu Feed LTD

The Accu-Feed LTD Low Tension Dereeler is designed to provide constant strain, low tension payout of tubing to an Accu-Cut or other machine for high volume, critical tolerance manufacturing operations. It features a low mass, nonstatic proportional speed dancer arm. The LTD is torque-limited for safety and does not require any electrical connection to its […]

Automated Large Tube Cutting: Accu Cut CT & CTXL

The Accu-Cut CT Automated Large Tubing Cutter, based on the Accu-Cut 202L, is designed for applications that demand high traction and high power indexing. Ideal for materials up to ½” including silicone, heat shrink tubing, PVC, TPE and latex, this machine offers clean, square and precise cuts on short or long lengths. Many additional features […]

Braided Tube Cutting: 700M Semi Automated

The Semi-Automatic Braided Tubing Cutter targets rotary cutting applications for polyimide and pebax-based stainless-steel reinforced tubing, hard plastics including PEEK and polycarbonate and high durometer Nylon 12, and thin wall 303-4 stainless steel tubing.  This unit is also capable of partially cutting the material, creating a scoring line for a precise part break point.   Key […]