Medical Precision Cutting Tools

With over twenty years of cutter development and hole-making experience, our applications team is equipped to satisfy the most-challenging hole dimension requirements.


At MMT, our SYNEO brand manufactures medical precision cutting tools with unparalleled sharpness for drilling, punching, and skiving holes in catheter tubing and tissue-cutting medical devices. Featuring SYNEO’s proprietary Hollow Core Sharpening Technology, our precision medical punches are manufactured to the tightest of specifications in a wide array of round, oval and odd-form coring blade or punch styles to create flash-free, burr-free holes in tubing and tissue applications as small as .005″.

Surgical Punches

For tissue cutting, suture cutting and coring applications, our team works closely with OEMs and contract manufacturers to design and develop cutter criteria for sharpness, incision dynamics, and durability.

Catheter Punches

Our SYNEO brand manufactures precision cutting tools with unparalleled sharpness for drilling holes, punching holes, and skiving holes in catheter tubing.

Tube Extrusion Tools

Our brands offer precision tooling to meet the exacting needs of your applications.