Punches: Surgical Punches

For tissue cutting, suture cutting and coring applications, SYNEO works closely with OEMs and contract manufacturers to design and develop cutter criteria for sharpness, incision dynamics, and durability.

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SYNEO's technical team can assist in the selection of material, tip style, coating options, and heat treatment to achieve optimal cutting performance for the application. SYNEO has the resources to remain committed through the entire process starting with R&D, clinical trials, and commercial production

Punch Shape Geometry

SYNEO is capable of manufacturing surgical cutting tools in a variety of shapes depending on your specific medical application. Some of the common shape options for tissue cutting and coring applications


  • Round
  • Oval
  • Formed
  • Custom Geometry (i.e. Triangle, rectangle, diamond, etc.)

Tip Style Options

The tip style on a surgical cutting tool varies depending on the medical application, and SYNEO is capable of providing three different cutting tip profiles:

Material Choice for Surgical Punches

Specifying the ideal cutting tool heavily depends on the material characteristics of both the tool and the tissue application.

SYNEO’s tissue cutting tool materials include:


SYNEO’s all-around performer. Yields a hole as small as 0.006” (0.15mm).


Iron-chromium-nickel alloy couples high corrosion resistance with heat-treat capability for high strength.


Tailored to the most demanding applications. Application-specific punches combine high strength and superior wear resistance.

Common Products and Applications

With over twenty years of tissue cutting punch development and surgical hole punching experience, SYNEO’s applications team is equipped to satisfy the most-challenging hole dimension requirements. SYNEO manufactures the following products to meet the specific needs of the medical industry:


  • Tissue Coring Tools
  • Coring Knives
  • Coring Surgical Blades
  • Biopsy Cutters
  • Corneal Trephines
  • Suture Cutting Blades

Past Applications Include:

Anastomotic Connection Devices

Anastomotic coring devices are used during coronary artery bypass to core out a plug of myocardium for insertion of an apical graft. SYNEO manufactures coring knives for devices that require a superior cutting edge. We work closely with our customers from the beginning stages to production and offer the sharpest coring components in the industry.

Atherectomy Devices

Atherectomy devices are used to remove plaque build-up in arteries in patients that have peripheral vascular disease. SYNEO manufactures these coring components used in directional or rotational atherectomy devices to cut and/or core out plaque to improve blood flow. Our cutters have an optimal cutting edge designed from customer specifications that rival any other cutters in the industry.

Aortic Coring Cutter

An aortic coring cutter is used to make a circular incision through the left ventricle of the heart during LVAD procedures. The left ventricle is a thick-walled, fibrous chamber of the heart that pumps blood to the aorta and systemic arteries. This fibrous wall demands a very sharp coring cutter to make a clean, precise hole. SYNEO tissue coring surgical blades undergo a sharpening process that yields an extremely sharp cutting edge.

Breast Biopsy

A hollow coring biopsy cutter is used to retrieve small tissue samples from a breast lump to be sent to a pathology lab for examination. It is critical that the cutting edge is super sharp during incision as it promotes less trauma to the tissue and speeds up the recovery time with less scaring. SYNEO manufactures biopsy cutters to desired specifications.

Corneal Trephine

A corneal trephine is a surgical cutter used in a surgical instrument by an ophthalmologist to remove a circular piece from the cornea during corneal transplant surgery. Corneal transplantation, also known as corneal grafting, is a surgical procedure in which a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by donated, healthy cornea tissue. SYNEO manufactures corneal trephines for surgical instruments to OEM and contract manufacturer specifications and designs.

Suture Cutting

The majority of surgical procedures rely upon various types of sutures for not only closing incisions, but also for connecting and/or supporting structures within the body. The use of sutures usually requires the tying of knots, creating suture tails. SYNEO manufactures cutting components for suture cutting devices deployed in a variety of surgeries and procedures.

Follicular (Hair) Unit Excision

A follicular unit excision is the surgical technique that refers to circumferential incision of the skin around the follicular unit bundle or group of hair follicles for the purpose of extracting a full-thickness skin graft. SYNEO provides cutting tools to support this technique that rival any other cutters in the hair transplantation industry.

Why MMT?

All SYNEO cutting tools feature cutting edges sharpened with SYNEO’s Hollow Core Sharpening Technology. Benefits of SYNEO’s Hollow Core Technology include:


  • minimization of undercut and tissue distortion
  • superior wound architecture
  • consistent and reliable vertical incision
  • minimization of downward pressure requirement
  • complete core/plug excision