Tungsten Carbide Pin (Roughing) | PG-9DOD

Challenge: The customer wants to decrease cycle time while maintaining tight concentricity specifications for roughing a tungsten carbide pin.


The Glebar PG-9DOD addressed the challenge. The system was configured with dual fixtures, a six-axis robot and bowl feeder – decreasing cycle time by 50% by grinding two parts at a time with dual fixtures. This machine excels at grinding small diameter components which require a tight concentricity specification. 

  • Parts are fed onto a smart conveyor from the bowl feeder.
  • The conveyor orients and spaces the parts.
  • Cameras identify imperfections. Bad parts are rejected prior to grinding.
  • OD machines normally process one component per cycle.
  • We are processing two components per cycle.
  • The machine also includes a safety enclosure and recycling coolant filtration system.

• Part handling is minimized by holding four parts at a time – two raw and two ground.

• Two fixtures OD grind simultaneously — decreasing cycle time by 50%

• Built on a granite base for optimal stability and precision control.