Guidewires (Process Efficiency | CAM.2)

medical guidewires

Challenge: To eliminate additional processes in the production of guidewires. The conventional process uses several machines to profile a shape in an interventional guidewire. Solution Glebar eliminated pre- and post- processes by incorporating them on a CAM.2 machine in one operation. Wire can be supplied in cut form or can be loaded on the machine on […]

Fully Automated Medical Guidewire Grinder Increases Throughput and Improves Efficiency

Recognized for improving process efficiency, reducing scrap rates, and creating safer work environments, Glebar has delivered innovative grinding solutions to guidewire manufacturers for over 50 years. Our newest automated solution process guidewires from the feeder to a finished part in a single operation. Current Process & Challenges Legacy grinding machines require experienced operators to load, […]

P5K Gauging Machine

Revolutionize your metrology process with the Glebar P5K Gauging System – the fastest and most accurate solution for medical guidewire measurement. Scanning at a remarkable 160,000 diameter readings per second, the P5K delivers precise, high-quality data that ensures a high-quality product and drives efficiency. Advanced air bearings ensure longevity of the scanner head and eliminate […]

Automation Capabilities

Glebar’s dedicated staff of engineers and applications personnel can design and integrate a turnkey automated precision grinding solution to meet your specific application needs for your Glebar centerless, micro, double disc, form, OD grinder, or ECG machine. Features Combines the unique complement of world-class grinding solutions and automation capability to design fully integrated cells […]

CNC Wheel Dressing Machine: DM-9CNC

The Glebar DM-9CNC is a standalone dressing machine designed to dress 9″ (229mm) diameter by up to 10-1/8″ (257mm) wide wheels used on the PG-9BHD and PG-9DHD Plunge Grinders. It allows a wheel to be contour dressed in the same method employed on the grinder. Using linear encoders attached directly to the slide, the DM-9CNC […]

Wheel Dressing Machine: DM-9B

The Glebar DM-9B is a standalone manual dressing machine designed to dress 9″ (229mm) diameter by up to 10-1 /8″ (257mm) wide wheels used on the PG-9BHD and PG-9DHD Plunge Grinders. The DM-9B allows a wheel to be contour dressed in the same method employed on the grinder. The Glebar DM-9B is a standalone manual […]

GFS: Automatic Wire and Tube Feeding System The Glebar GFS is a stand-alone device which can seamlessly connect and feed parts into existing third-party machines including swiss screw machines, manual grinding machines, and more. The control system has been updated and features a 7-inch color HMI for simple and easy access to all aspects of feeder operation, which would traditionally be […]

Guidewire Deburring Machine

The Glebar GSR-6 Guidewire Deburring Machine deburrs guidewires while automatically separating pass and fail parts and counting the number of wires processed. This automated process removes the operator, avoiding repetitive strain injuries. Operators can choose from the presets for radii or chamfers or create a custom configuration. Features Deburrs guidewires while automatically separating pass/fail parts. Compact, […]

Thrufeed Centerless Grinder: TF-9BHD

The Glebar TF-9BHD lnfeed/Thrufeed Micro Grinder is a manual infeed/ thrufeed centerless grinder that grinds both hard and soft materials, specializing in parts from 2.5″ to .002″ in diameter such as catheters, guidewires, dilators, fuel pellets, pins, bushings, PTFE, plastics, ceramics, and other engineered materials. Like other Glebar machines in this class, the TF-9BHD boasts […]

Guidewire Grinder: GT-9AC

The Glebar GT-9AC Automated Guidewire Grinder excels at precision grinding of medical guidewires with multiple tapers, paddles, and parabolic shapes with speeds as fast as a centerless grinder. Instead of using sensors to detect the wire position and trigger diameter changes, high-speed imaging technology and a 1-micron encoder run the entire length of the feeder […]

Micro Grinding: CAM2

The Glebar CAM.2 Micro Grinder is the perfect machine for grinding small, complex, precision medical applications such as complex medical guidewires, radiuses, needle points, and non-linear shapes. Previously unproduceable parts can be made easily, with minimal setup time, and with limited operator training. Glebar’s patented dual-carriage linear motor part feed system ensures that the position, […]

DD-7: Double Disk Grinder

The Glebar DD-7 Double Disk Grinder has the smallest footprint of any double disk grinder on the market. It is designed for grinding small components, accurately controlling their length and perpendicularity. Customizable interface software can meet your production requirements encompassing controls for all peripheral attachments such as robots and bowl feeders. The DD-7 can be […]

PG-9X20DHD: Form Grinding Machine

The Glebar PG-9x20DHD centerless form grinding machine was designed to form ceramic components such as unfired carbide and crystal quartz glass boules used to produce fiber optics by Form Grinding the carbide in the soft state to near net size. Features Built on the compact base of the Glebar PG-9DHD machine. An extended 20″ […]

PG-9DOD: Compact OD Grinding Machine

The Glebar PG-9DOD is a compact OD grinding machine designed to handle small components requiring a tight concentricity such as rollers, pins, bushings, and other engine components. Designed to grind high­ performance engine components, it can be simply adapted to process equally challenging parts where the concentricity specification is critical. Parts can be staged on […]

Centerless Form Grinder: PG-9DHD

The Glebar PG-9DHD Centerless Form Grinder is a high-precision version of the Glebar PG-9BHD. With its 10″ wheel, this form grinder is capable of multiple-part-per-cycle grinding, also offering precise slide positions and controllability. Glebar’s unique form grinding process can shape any spherical or cylindrical component into unlimited forms on a large variety of materials. When […]